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Film Friday | Ten bucks for a Polaroid camera

Whilst out in the states for a shoot in September, G and I took a little trip to our favourite flea market in LA. It’s stock full of bric-a-brac, from vintage clothes through to jukeboxes. My idea of heaven.

I picked up a new Polaroid camera whilst there. Already being the owner of two of these cameras (and with the official Polaroid film stock being discontinued), it was a bit of an unnecessary purchase and I had no idea if it would work. But I couldn’t get over what good condition it was in, as well as coming with the original box and manual. It was also a Polaroid format I hadn’t tried before. And for $10? It was worth the risk.

I had toyed with the idea of a Fuji Instax which a lot of people have embraced since Polaroid ended their film production.  They give a similar sort of look with the white border, but I could never quite see myself taking pictures with something that looked like a giant Fisher Price camera. It was taking the term “toy camera” a little too literally for me.  The Impossible Project have bought up a lot of the old Polaroid machines and chemicals, and whilst the first batch of film isn’t quite up to scratch in my opinion, it does mean that my Polaroid cameras will not gather dust.  They will be used and loved.

I love the Spectra camera and the rectangular view it gives.  It’s a joy to use and I love the self-timer function….It means I can actually prove I was there!


And that last shot….? At said flea market, we also fell in love with a jukebox. A Wurlitzer from 1957. It arrived last week, all the way from California. Shake, rattle and roll, anyone??


This winter I’m getting to grips with the above beauty.  Large format photography has been on my to-do list for a while. The camera is from the 1890s and is completely manual. I take a picture by removing the lens-cap, counting the seconds of exposure before replacing the cap. It will be partly guess-work and take me forever to set up just one shot. I can’t wait.

serena - I absolutely adore this last shot of your cat. Wish I could stretch like that! Wonderful light and shade. Loving your Film Friday posts, I am always eagerly awaiting the next!

David Jenkins - Love seeing shots of cameras! Great to hear you want to get into large format Jodie, that’s exactly what I want to do this winter!! I hear it’s not easy. Look forward to seeing your shots when you’ve done some!!

Alex Kilbee Photo - I miss shooting with my Polaroid – It died and went to heaven :(

Really like that shot with the Rolliflex, SX-70 and Minolta(?), has a wicked retro look to it.

Large format ROCKS! Enjoy it!


Andrew & Bernie | Wedding ~ Pink & Blue for an Autumn “I Do”

I love photographing weddings, and it’s extra special when capturing the wedding of a friend. Or in this case, two friends.  Not only was I Andrew and Bernie’s photographer, but I was also a guest and it was my final wedding of the season, so cause for extra celebration on my part.  It was a beautiful day and we dodged the showers in time to capture some portraits with that gorgeous autumn light. Bernie looked absolutely stunning in a bespoke lace, fishtail gown. Just gorgeous.

Flowers were by a friend and recommended supplier, Kate from The Floral Madam.

andrewbernie-1andrewbernie-2andrewbernie-3andrewbernie-4andrewbernie-5andrewbernie-6{ JODIE CHAPMAN ~ WEDDING & PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY LONDON SOUTH-EAST INTERNATIONAL }

Wedding season might be over for me until the new year, but that doesn’t mean I get to take it easy. I have a ton of wonderful engagement shoots in the diary, as well as lots of album designing and getting on with the new studio.  There are big plans afoot and I can’t wait to get started.

Greg Chapman - Love these. Amazing reportage shots and colours. Brilliant dance shots too and love the little girl looking over the shoulder straight at camera.

Andrew - Very good…! And hate to tell you this Greg but it’s a little boy! I’m sure his mum will be pleased.. Brilliant photos Jodie!

serena - Oh, I do love your black and whites! Love the shot of the bride holding up her dress to step through the door.

Jemma - This wedding looks so much fun! A great set of photos x

Jo McCarthy - Hi Jodie,

I just want to say hello…I live in Nigeria, helping with the Bethel expansion project out here, and I have to admit I am unashamedly addicted to your work! My husband Ben grew up with Nathan, so I think I discovered you through Jess….?! I know Bernie, Alex and Alana pretty well and you did such a fabulous job at capturing Bernie and Andrew’s special day.

Please keep up all your hard work – you are making one Jungle Jane very happy!

Jo McCarthy

Saskia & Marc - Hello Jodie,
I had the honor to take a look at the pictures you made from Bernie and Andrew their wedding and I just wanted to congratulate you on your beautifull pictures. Off course you need a fotogenetic couple and the combination of your work and Bernie and Andrew being fotogenetic, makes an magnificent result.
Saskia & Marc from Sosua

Rosie - Beautiful shots! Love your black and whites! x

Wedding | Lucy & John ~ Music & Fall

Lucy and John’s wedding took place at Bush Hall music venue in Shepherd’s Bush. It was quite a fitting place for their celebrations, as John is a musician and even played a few songs with the band towards the end of the night.

I loved Lucy and John’s relaxed attitude to their wedding.  It was all about just getting their friends together and everybody having a good time.  They have a very sweet and lovely way together, and I love that my job is to try to capture that in the few moments we have for portraits.  I want these pictures to be, not only a reminder of their wedding day, but a visual jogging of the memory ~ to help them remember how they felt at that very moment, when they disappeared from their guests for just a few minutes.

Lucy & John ~ Thank you for being so lovely and for having me as your photographer.  I’ve loved getting to know you both and you have helped me rediscover my love for Talking Heads. Very grateful!

lucyjohn-wed-1lucyjohn-wed-2lucyjohn-wed-3lucyjohn-wed-4lucyjohn-wed-5lucyjohn-wed-6Guests from the wedding can view all the images here.


Annabel ~ Love My Dess Wedding Blog - I am beyond being actually in love with these photos.



serena - Beautiful photographs! The composition is so clean and perfect. So elegant and timeless. They are indeed a sweet couple, I don’t know them personally but that’s the feeling I get looking at your photos. Wonderfully captured.

greg - Love the detail shots especially of the paintings and the band photos look amazing! Great shoot, love it.

Fanni - These are beautiful Jodie! What a gorgeous couple and an amazing venue! Love those massive paintings outside! Great work! :)

caro - Really lovely Jodie!!! That is the most gorgeous little boy playing with his toys…..really beautiful venue and dress…..BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Jemma - I agree with Greg, the band shots look incredible.
Looking at all your lovely pics makes my day at work xx

admin - Thanks everyone. Your words mean *a lot*. I loved everything about Lucy & John’s wedding.

Dominique - Another lovely job! Love the way you incorporated a live music feel and love the last shot x

Kirsten Mavric - Oh wow, I didn’t realise Bush Hall did weddings!? I was there last week actually, to see a band you’d probably like, if you like Talking Heads – Bell x1 Gorgeous wedding, Jodie.

Film Friday | Californ-i-a

Yesterday I received back my holiday pictures.  I love that moment of ripping open the packet, seeing the first picture on top of the pile and feeling that little skip of a heartbeat as I wonder what will come next.  I find it sad that with most people now using digital cameras for snaps, they’ve lost that little pinch of excitement that comes with waiting. I took very few digital images on this trip, wanting to use as much film as possible.  I deliberately waited a while to send them off for processing as a little bit of an experiment.  That trip was two months ago and no longer the present.  It’s very much the past and exists only as a memory.  Seeing these pictures now brings back lots of little moments from the trip that I’d forgotten.

Even better, I get to put them straight into an album….something digital has {almost} killed off.

Good things come to those who wait.

filmfriday-0511filmfriday-051110-21FYI these shots are straight out of camera with just a little dust cloning in Photoshop. If I had posted digital images straight out of camera, they’d be flat as a pancake. I heart film.

Jess - Wow those blues are amazing!
I am sad that I don’t use photo albums anymore :(

Jauhien Sasnou - These are great! Shooting film is always so much more satisfying for me. And time saving when it comes to editing.

PS: your work is awesome!

amanda byram - Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! These make me squeal with delight!!!! And even more excited than ever for you to capture my wedding day. 😉 x

Dominique - Beautiful, I love film!

Greg Chapman - Great memories, captured like I remember them. California and Palm Springs was made for film. Amazing photos!

Joanne Kendall - Just stopping by and I have to say that all of your work is absolutely amazing, but I especially like the film photos!

London Bride - Oh I love these Jodie! They remind me of childhood holiday photos that are a bit sunbleached. The blue sky looks amazing! What camera did you use?

Hans - I love the true colors shown by film. I have a “new” 1960’s Rolleiflex 2.8F I am planning on bringing with me to Palm Springs in January. Is there a photographic dealer there I may be interested in visiting who carries older equipment? Thanks, and keep shooting.