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Film Friday | I was there; these pictures prove it.

These Film Fridays are becoming a little more like a personal journal. If you’re a regular follower, you will have visited Florence, Positano, Ibiza, Paris, New York once or twice, Long Island, Rome, Palm Springs, California, Bristol/Bath, the 1800s, my home, and a vintage festival. I hope you’ve enjoyed the experience.

I’m one of those irritating people that always takes along my camera, wherever I go. My friends roll their eyes when I pull out my pound-a-picture Polaroid camera and take a photo whilst they’re enjoying their lunch. I’m considered a pest by many because of this habit. Sometimes, in an effort to really enjoy the present, I have left my camera at home, and always regretted it. Perhaps that time there will be some unforgettable light, or a trip to the pub will turn into a spontaneous visit to the beach, or maybe I will just be having such a great time that I think to myself, damn it, I really wish I could document this.

Florence and Positano were two places high up on my bucket list. Entrenched in my mind were future visions of the Amalfi coastline, the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo. So when the time came for those visions to come true, I instinctively passed the camera to my companion to freeze a shot of me there, in the moment. But in these pictures, I’m not taking in the view at all. Why do we look away from the scene towards the camera? Who are we looking at? I’m not really looking at the unseen photographer. I’d say I’m looking at a future me.  Whatever direction my life takes, despite the inevitable ups and downs, when I am old and grey and at the end of my days, these pictures will remind me of how I got there. For me, that’s a pretty comforting thought.

Maybe one day I will no longer feel the need to document each new experience. But for now, I’m perfectly happy being the gnome from Amelie.

Sacha Miller - I say keep shooting!! Great blog entry – love the Amelie reference, one of my favourite films.

joanna brown - Perfection in every which way. LOVE THIS x

Greg - Inspiring Jode. Beautiful images.

Victoria - Great pictures Jodie and in Florence – my number one, absolute favouritest place! I really like that comment at the end about looking at the future you… such a lovely way to think of it.

Dave Packer - Love the look and feel of these photos very retro.

Film Friday | Seasons change & studio update


(Above image captured on my trusty Holga)

You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on the old blog front lately. I’ve really enjoyed a couple of months downtime during the winter months, which has allowed me to recharge and get myself ready for the coming wedding season. Downing digital tools, I’ve been playing a lot with film and even exposing on tin plates.  Last month saw my first wedding of the year, with the bride rocking a thirties femme fatale look to perfection. It was a wonderful wedding and I’m excited to show you the pictures this month as soon as the lovely couple are home from their honeymoon, skiing in Utah (green with envy!).

I have also been working hard on the soon-to-be-completed studio. I’ve loved every minute of transforming this space and I can’t wait to share pictures. It’s going to be somewhere I can work on a day-to-day basis, a dedicated space to meet with clients, as well as including a darkroom where I can indulge my creative side. I’ve spent the last few months trawling design blogs and tearing pages from magazines, and driven Greg mad with a long to-do list of tasks. It’s a wonderful thing having a handy-man husband.

The above image was captured as the autumn changed into winter. I’m so happy that my garden is now showing signs of spring. Sunshine is here.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Dominique - Wishing you an amazing wedding season! I think the studio is a fantastic idea and I can’t wait to see the photos! We are very lucky with our helpful husbands aren’t we?! x

Ciaran - I look forward to seeing the studio space, and the work you produce in your darkroom… prepare yourself for a lot less sleep. It is addictive!

Estelle - Exciting times ahead Jodie. Have to admit I’m a tad jealous of your darkroom. Wish I had the space/time/money to get one setup myself. In the meantime I will live vicariously through you and your darkroom… Best of luck with the upcoming wedding season.

Deborah Parkin - sounds wonderful, I love the enthusiasm you have for photography and life, it is very infectious :)

admin - Thanks guys. Dominique ~ we certainly are lucky! Estelle ~ if you’re ever down in Kent then you will have to come and have a play. Deborah ~ I feel exactly the same about your approach to EVERYTHING! x

Greg Chapman - What a gorgeous photograph, amazing colours. The Studio is going to be great!

Film Friday | Californ-i-a

Yesterday I received back my holiday pictures.  I love that moment of ripping open the packet, seeing the first picture on top of the pile and feeling that little skip of a heartbeat as I wonder what will come next.  I find it sad that with most people now using digital cameras for snaps, they’ve lost that little pinch of excitement that comes with waiting. I took very few digital images on this trip, wanting to use as much film as possible.  I deliberately waited a while to send them off for processing as a little bit of an experiment.  That trip was two months ago and no longer the present.  It’s very much the past and exists only as a memory.  Seeing these pictures now brings back lots of little moments from the trip that I’d forgotten.

Even better, I get to put them straight into an album….something digital has {almost} killed off.

Good things come to those who wait.

filmfriday-0511filmfriday-051110-21FYI these shots are straight out of camera with just a little dust cloning in Photoshop. If I had posted digital images straight out of camera, they’d be flat as a pancake. I heart film.

Jess - Wow those blues are amazing!
I am sad that I don’t use photo albums anymore :(

Jauhien Sasnou - These are great! Shooting film is always so much more satisfying for me. And time saving when it comes to editing.

PS: your work is awesome!

amanda byram - Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! These make me squeal with delight!!!! And even more excited than ever for you to capture my wedding day. 😉 x

Dominique - Beautiful, I love film!

Greg Chapman - Great memories, captured like I remember them. California and Palm Springs was made for film. Amazing photos!

Joanne Kendall - Just stopping by and I have to say that all of your work is absolutely amazing, but I especially like the film photos!

London Bride - Oh I love these Jodie! They remind me of childhood holiday photos that are a bit sunbleached. The blue sky looks amazing! What camera did you use?

Hans - I love the true colors shown by film. I have a “new” 1960’s Rolleiflex 2.8F I am planning on bringing with me to Palm Springs in January. Is there a photographic dealer there I may be interested in visiting who carries older equipment? Thanks, and keep shooting.

Film Friday | Holga and Rollei visit New York

This week’s Film Friday is a collection of shots taken with my Holga and Rolleiflex on last year’s trip to New York.  I’m fairly lucky in that I have a brother and sister and their respective families settled on the east coast of America, and I love to travel there as often as I can to see them.  Last November I took the opportunity to stay a few days with my brother in New Jersey, my sister in Brooklyn, and then headed out for a weekend of walks and watching films at her weekend home on Long Island.

This look of medium format photography is very popular at the moment with certain iPhone apps.  I admit I have and love these applications, but there’s nothing quite like the unpredictable nature of the real thing.  When you take the shot, you have no way of knowing whether it will come out as you think, especially with the plastic Holga.  A refreshing change from today’s digital world.

{Top to bottom – left to right}

1. my sister Sarah’s and her husband Chris’s leaf-strewn patio

2. still life of Sarah’s minimalistic decor

3. beautiful naked trees

4. Sarah and Chris outside their weekend pad in Bellport, Long Island

5. double exposure of my brother John and his beautiful, original fifties wooden kitchen in New Jersey. (It’s since been replaced with something bright and even more retro.) You can see why people had thought they had captured something spooky in the early days of photography. Really all they had done was forgotten to wind on to the next shot, just like I did here.

6. Greg takes a breather from all the vintage shopping in the East Village, NYC.


Charis Warrell - i love this collection. such stunning images and also really complementary. 😀 love the “real” thing!

Greg - Like stills from beautiful lost films. I love them.

serena - Love this new feature on your blog! These shots are so beautiful: there’s something eerily poetic about them. I love them.

Roshni - Jodie I absolutely love taking photos on film and I totally agree, nothing beats that anticipation of waiting to see how your photos come out! Love your work!